Mrs Ada K. Agwu

Memorial Scholarship

Lagos Chapter of FGGC Abuloma Old Girls’ Association is starting a fifty thousand naira scholarship award for a student of FGGC Abuloma in honour of our delectable and amiable principal Mrs. ADA KALUGA AGWU. This award is to reflect the values she instilled in us, her stamp of excellence, her mantra- whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. These values are ingrained in our lives and have steered us on the right path early in life.

Donations should be made to
Heritage Bank
Account No 1400208251
FGGC Abuloma OGA Lagos chapter

Our Tribute

Mrs. A. K. Agwu was the principal of Federal Government Girl’s College Abuloma from 1977-1986 during which time, she affected the lives of each and every girl that passed through Abuloma. She passed away on the 26th of December 2021 and since we received the news of her demise, her girls (as she often referred to us) have been in mourning and recounting the effects she had on their lives. It’s been over 30 years but we so vividly recall our time with her and still walk under her spell. The mention of her name brings joy and pride to us all, it puts a smile on our faces. Now she is no more and we hurt, we hurt deeply but the tears just won’t stop long enough for us to tell the world about this woman, the most amazing head teacher that ever lived.

SIMPLY THE BEST ~ Our heartfelt tribute to our former Principal, Mrs A. K. Agwu.
Where do we start from? Where do we begin to tell the world of our great Iroko that has fallen? The tears won’t stop long enough for us to write about her and pen our feelings for this exceptional and extraordinary woman. Even though we know that death is the end of all mankind, we mourn and cry and feel the earth should stop spinning, the sun should shed tears too, the mountains should tremble because our beloved principal and mother Mrs. Ada K. Agwu is no more with us. We hurt, we hurt deeply and the tears just won’t stop long enough for us to tell the world about this true and rare gem.

Mrs. A. K. Agwu taught us about life through her quotes to mention a few:
~ Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.
~ Anything worth doing, is worth doing well.
~ A little thing is a little thing, but carefulness in a little thing is a big thing.
~ A lady is meant to be seen, not heard. (an admonishment not to shuffle or drag our feet while walking).
She taught life lessons through hymns she either played or sang to us during Assembly, the more memorable being Coat of many colors * and at the graduation Assembly in 1985, her rendition of *His eye is on the sparrow. She understood the trepidation of young ladies stepping out into the world and she left us with that hymn that has calmed a lot of us when life has been overwhelming. She was a firm disciplinarian, a no-nonsense teacher (as we would say then) yet loving, inspiring and kind. She was heavily invested in ensuring we turned out right and our biggest fear then was letting her down as embodied in the many songs we crafted in her honor, Mrs Agwu never worry never worry we shall conquer…oh we shall conquer oh we shall conquer. Now Mrs Agwu is no more and we hurt, we hurt deeply and the tears refuse to stop long enough for us to tell the world of this great moulder and exceptional mentor.

Mrs A. K. Agwu had poise, always turned out elegantly and her diction was irreproachable. As described by one of her girls, she was elegant, eloquent and exquisite. She expected of each of us to walk tall and proud. That pride to be an Abuloma girl has lived on with each of us, years after graduating from Abuloma. She had a knack for making each student feel special, she remembered everyone’s name as she would call you by first name and surname if you crossed her path. She behaved as if there was greatness in everyone of us and she only had to nurture us to bloom. We believed her and we bloomed. She watched us with pride as the years roll by and she never failed to tell us how proud she was of her girls whenever she had the opportunity. Today Mrs Agwu is no more and we hurt, we hurt so deeply. If only the tears would stop just long enough for us to tell the world of this woman, the embodiment of class, an epitome of what a lady should be, our unforgettable mother who has touched thousands of lives through her Abuloma daughters.

And through the years we watched her age. Our once timeless Mrs Agwu began to show signs of slowing down. The twinkle in the eyes for her daughters never waned and the pure joy when we visited her was palpable for all to see. On the 26th of December we got the news, that our Iroko has fallen and our very own Mrs Agwu has taken her place amongst the angels. Even though we know that death is the end of all mankind, we mourn, we cry, we are heart broken and through these tears that refuse to stop, we will tell the world that she ran a good race and she lived a fulfilled life. We will tell the world about our dear Mrs Ada K. Agwu, a quintessential icon, who once strode the earth and in her genteel simplicity, she raised mighty women of valor who proudly carry on her essence. Rest well mother. Adieu Mrs Agwu. You live on in our hearts.

Itoro Clement Isong
President, Lagos Chapter, FGGC Abuloma OGA